Bhel puri Bhel puri
Ingredients: 250g potatoes 1.5 onionZing and juice of 1 lemon350g tomatoes2 cucumberscumin seeds 4 tablespoons tamarind glue mintcoriander200ml yogurt Instructions: 1. In a little... Bhel puri


250g potatoes
1.5 onion
Zing and juice of 1 lemon
350g tomatoes
2 cucumbers
cumin seeds
4 tablespoons tamarind glue
200ml yogurt


1. In a little dish, heat up the potatoes over a medium warmth until cooked. This will require around 20-25 minutes relying upon their size. Channel and leave to cool.

2. Put the onion and the zing and juice of the lime into a huge bowl and season truly well with salt and dark pepper. Scrunch together in your grasp and give it a great press, at that point leave to pickle a bit.

3. Put all your dressing fixings in a little food processor and mix until smooth and a dazzling light green tone, at that point leave aside.

4. When cool, strip off the skin of the potatoes and generally dice. Add the hacked tomatoes, slashed cucumber and toasted cumin seeds to your salted onion combination. Add the slashed potato and throw to consolidate, season well with ocean salt and dark pepper.

5. Blend the tamarind glue and 2 tablespoons of water in a little bowl until the combination has a decent pouring, sauce-like consistency.

6. Orchestrate the potato and tomato plate of mixed greens on an enormous serving plate with a truly liberal measure of your herby yogurt dressing and tamarind sauce, lastly the bhel puri blend. Get done with some pomegranate seeds and consume straight.


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