Jamaican stew Jamaican stew
Ingredients: 3 cans of beans 2 jars of coconut milk 20 cups of water 4 cloves of garlic 2 onion 3 potatoes2 chayote2 carrotsthyme... Jamaican stew


3 cans of beans
2 jars of coconut milk
20 cups of water
4 cloves of garlic
2 onion
3 potatoes
2 chayote
2 carrots
1 cup flour


1. Join universally handy flour, salt and discretionary fixings into a bowl and cautiously pour in water with one hand, while consolidating them with the other until a mixture consistency is shaped. On the off chance that the blend is excessively wet, generously add more flour until you can roll the batter about in your grasp without leaving any buildup. Whenever this is done, enclose by stick film, place in a bowl and refrigerate.

2. On the off chance that you are utilizing dried red beans wash them and douse for at least 7 hours or fundamentally overnight. Flush in a colander and afterward place in an enormous pan alongside the water. Bring to bubble on a medium-high warmth and afterward turn down the warmth to medium stew for 25 minutes until beans begin to get yielding.

3. During this time, strip and dice the potato, chayote, sweet potato into comparative 3-4cm shapes. Strip the carrot and slash into ½-1cm circles. Slash off the white base of the scallions, dispose of and finely cleave the green body. At long last, strip and finely cleave the onion and garlic. Try not to stress if this takes longer than 25 minutes, the more the beans stew and mellow for, the better.

4. Add all hacked vegetables into the pot alongside the entire scotch hat pepper (don’t cleave) and permit to cook for a further 20-25mins.

5. Heat up a container of water on high and add a scramble of salt. Gather your refrigerated batter blend and eliminate stick film. Flour dust a cleaving load up or kitchen surface and spot the mixture blend. Remove pieces and fold into the size of your little finger until smooth. Rehash until the entire blend is utilized.

6. Eliminate the top from the stew and add the tin of coconut milk, the dumplings notwithstanding the allspice, ocean salt, dark pepper, thyme and generally useful flavoring. Stew for an extra 15 minutes.

7. In the event that you locate the last stew consistency too thick add water as you feel. It’s not important to follow timings precisely. There is a compelling artwork to making the vegetables delicate yet thick simultaneously. This is sufficient for a few people however I wouldn’t know since I ordinarily have it all to myself.


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